1-1  Mentor Program is totally customized according to your individual requirement.

Benefits of the Program:

1) 35 PDUs

2) PMP application and audit support

3) Success Coaching System

4) Conceptual Mocks- colonized exam questions

5) 3 coaching calls in a week

6) Daily follow-up and customized roadmap

7) Money-back guarantee


This works in this way:

Step# 1: We will share a video with you; you will watch it at your pace. Once you have watched the video, we will have a zoom session.
Step# 2: We will discuss the details of the video. Any confusion in that video will be explained here.
Step# 3: We will share slides of the same topic and discuss them with you once you have gone through them.
Step# 4: We will share 50 Qs per topic and will discuss how to solve them and do root cause analysis.
Step# 5: Once you have done a root cause analysis, we will discuss it in a 1-1 zoom call to further discuss and clarify any misconceptions.
Step# 6: We will do the same for every 13 topics.
Step# 7: We will help you in filling out your PMP Application.
Step#8: We will share our mock simulator with you; you will solve 6 Sets of people, process and random questions, and then 6 full mocks.
Step#9: During this time, you will also attend coaching calls in which we will solve challenging questions of PMP together.
Step#10: Once you start getting a 70% Score in mocks, we will ask you to book the exam
Step#11: Final day preparation material and give exam.

Congratulation, you are Certified PMP now!!!

Celebrate your success with friends and family.

Please email: ameralipmp@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +18483380545

PMP Training Mentor Program
USD 1,200.00 $